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Republicans are getting behind a single alternative to replace ObamaCare

January 31, 2014

Four key elements, all of which fix the mess ObamaCare has created.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has unveiled the ObamaCare alternative that Republicans are preparing to vote on it in the House of Representatives. There have been Republican alternatives to ObamaCare around for some time, but this is the first time House Republicans have coalesced behind a single proposal they are prepared to vote on.

It’s a good plan too. Here are the four key elements of it:

1.High-risk pools. One of the major selling points of ObamaCare was that people with pre-existing conditions would now be able to get insurance. That is a good goal, but the way ObamaCare does it is to throw these high-risk folks into the same insurance pool as everyone else – which forces up everyone’s costs and prompts the government to mandate people buy the product even though it is overpriced. The Republican idea would separate the high-risk pool from the rest of the insurance pool so everyone isn’t forced to deal with higher costs and cancelled policies because of the needs of the high-risk population. That makes much more sense.

2.Allowing insurance to be pruachsed across state lines, creating competion, not just intrastate but interstate. Did you know this is not currently allowed under federal law? When you allow insurance sold across state lines, you can have insurance companies from all over the country competing in all 50 states. What do you think that would do to premium costs? Compare it to what ObamaCare has done to premiums.

3.Medical liability reform. This will put constraints on runaway medical liability claims, which matters a lot because many doctors are practicing defensive medicine in order to avoid exposure to some very expensive malpractice suit. They also face very high costs for malpractice insurance, and that gets passed on to you. No one is suggesting patients should lose the right to sue for genuine malpractice, but the current laws have encouraged such litigation to get completely out of control – and that adds to the cost of health care in several ways.

4.Expanded Health Savings Accounts. These were expanded under the Bush Administration, but liberals don’t like them because they allow people to be too self-sufficient when it comes to their health care needs. An HSA allows you to save pre-tax income to spend directly on your own health care, and when coupled with a high-deductible insurance policy they represent a great way to take control of your own health care purchasing decisions. So as you might imagine, ObamaCare reduced the amount people are allowed to put aside in HSAs. The new Republican alternative would expand it again.

This is just a thumbnail sketch of the proposal. We’ll be discussing it more as it rolls out. And needless to say, I understand Harry Reid will never let it come to a vote in the Senate, and Obama would never sign it into law. That doesn’t mean Republicans shouldn’t introduce it. ObamaCare is a disaster, and that needs to be said whether you come with a better idea or not.

But better ideas are good, and now we’ve got one that Republicans seem ready to unite behind. Let Obama, Reid and Pelosi justify why the monster they shoved down the nation’s throats is better than this.


Republican response State of the union address – 2014

January 29, 2014

Obama’s Dream is Not the American Dream

January 27, 2014

PNP solo apoyaría plebiscito para pedir la estadidad

January 18, 2014

PNP solo apoyaría plebiscito para pedir la estadidad

Partido llega a acuerdo en reunión de directorio
Por Antonio R. Gómez

El Partido Nuevo Progresista (PNP) se opondrá a cualquier consulta sobre status que no se limite a la petición de admisión de Puerto Rico como estado de la unión de Estados Unidos, acordó este viernes el directorio de dicha colectividad, reunido en San Juan.

El presidente del PNP, Pedro Pierluisi, celebró la decisión del Congreso de Estados Unidos de aprobar $2.5 millones para realizar en la Isla una consulta sobre status, pero recalcó que la única que procede es la de petición de estadidad al insistir que ya el pueblo puertorriqueño se expresó en el referéndum de noviembre de 2012.

“Este partido está celebrando esa asignación presupuestaria histórica que acaba de hacer el Congreso. Estamos más que satisfechos que el Presidente y el Congreso de Estados Unidos han decidido responder al voto de nuestro pueblo en el plebiscito de noviembre de 2012 mediante esta asignación de $2.5 millones para resolver el problema del status político de Puerto Rico de una vez y por todas”, expresó Pierluisi.

Afirmó entonces que “la posición institucional del PNP es que la única consulta que se debe llevar a cabo es una consulta sobre la admisión de Puerto Rico como un estado de la unión americana”.

Según Pierluisi, el pueblo de Puerto Rico votó en el plebiscito de noviembre de 2012 rechazando el status actual, por lo que “el status actual no debe tener cabida alguna en consulta plebiscitaria futura, porque ya el pueblo de Puerto Rico lo rechazó”.

De igual manera, agregó el presidente del PNP, “el único mandato electoral que hay en Puerto Rico en cuanto al status es a favor de la estadidad. Tampoco podemos tener una consulta sobre opciones no coloniales y no territoriales porque esa consulta ya se dio”.

Describió la consulta que promoverá el PNP como aquella en la que se le pregunte al pueblo si quiere que Puerto Rico sea admitido como un estado de la unión, sí o no.

“Estamos preparados para llevar a cabo esa consulta y para utilizar los $2.5 millones a esos efectos. No queremos otras consultas”, insistió.

El también comisionado residente de Puerto Rico en Washington rehusó adelantar si dicha colectividad participaría en una consulta que incluya otras opciones. “No podemos brincar el charco o cruzar el puente antes de llegar a él. Nos vamos a oponer a cualquier consulta que pretenda darle la espalda al pueblo que ya votó”, dijo.


January 17, 2014



I want to expose the economic rape of the US citizens in Puerto Rico and of US tax payers caused by the use of Puerto Rico in an outrageous offshore corporate tax IRS legal evasion scheme by the CFC’s (Controlled Foreign Corporations).

No one in Puerto Rico or the US dares to bring this out in the open!!! The CFC’s are too powerful.

How is this done?
Puerto Rico, a US territory, is classified as a foreign country by the IRS for fiscal matters so it can be used as an offshore tax shelter for multinational corporations who are scamming the IRS and the US Tax payer. This has not helped the PR economy.

In spite of this “fabulous” privilege, news from Puerto Rico are not flattering… 300,000 have recently moved to Central Florida, the economy is shattered, unemployment is aprox. 17%, per-capita is somewhere close to $11,000. Everyone in the financial community agrees that Puerto Rico is bankrupt….

Just one example: Microsoft, has a “factory” in Puerto Rico with 170 employees, the majority are part timers. It claims that PR factory produces all the discs used in the world with those 170 mostly part time employees. Yet… MICROSOFT receives $22 million (US dollars) a year in US tax benefits per employee !!! …WOW!..and do tell us, just how much does that employee make in a year?

Does it make any sense that corporations close their factories in the several states in the US and take their business overseas? They set up factories in poor depressed countries where they pay miserable salaries to poor souls who have no choice.

Government corruption (both legal and illegal) is rampant. This demoralizes the people, who are losing their homes and can only get part time employments with no benefits. Crime has soared!! As a result, the US Citizens from Puerto Rico are abandoning the island for other locations in the several US states.

Corruption and Economic influence in PR’s economic and political establishment is so powerful and so wide spread in the island that…
•All Puerto Rico Governments;
•Those who have represented us in Washington;
•Local and national politicians who receive campaign funds from these corporations or their representatives;
•Local and national media owners who depend on their ads;
•The local “rich” elite class who also benefit from this tax exemption;
•Their hired “economic experts”;
•The law firms that represent them;
•and others..look the other way while going to deposit to the bank.

Many from the above groups are actually direct players in this legal tax evasion scheme. Local and national media ignore these facts and use permanent political and financial columnists who write speculative analysis of why Puerto Rico is falling economically apart, making sure that this tax evasion scam is not exposed.

The CFC’s use Puerto Rico, USA where they can transfer their costs and then do their business transactions in US $$ by using PR as an offshore “foreign” country tax-shelter.

Of course!! This is what has caused the economic crisis in the US and Puerto Rico.. The CFC’s have small reduced operations in PR with part timers, and immense corporate IRS tax deductions for costs and other transfers while the people live in poverty with little or no government interference in their companies’ operations, for the above mentioned reasons.

I am trying to find someone who can convince me that taking jobs out of the US and getting outrageous tax benefits for leaving the US has helped Puerto Rico, the US Economy and the US Tax payer !!! Can you? If you agree with us, can you help us?

I am Miriam Ramirez,
A US Citizen from Puerto Rico

Economic Freedom

January 10, 2014